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Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Sequencing different movements is not easy, within any type of practice it is an artform of itself. One of the major challenges is to adjust the levels of energy in between.

You probably know the feeling: you practice a movement hundreds of times until you can imagine every single detail within it. Then, you try to apply it to an improvisation or a jam or a sparring session. All of a sudden everything's different. You are not anymore moving out of "neutral" but out of a dynamic context with uncontrolled variables. Controlled situations are great and a large portion of the practice should be spent there, but without working also on the transitions in and out of the movements, successful integration will be determined by luck rather than skill.

When I deal with inverted movements like rolls or handstands, I either REDIRECT the energy or FALL into the next movement. Knowing the difference between the two and practicing them has given great strategy for a variety of movement situations.

In the video, I demonstrate these concepts through acrobatic movements and their connections. The possibilities extend to more realms though! Physics are essentially a perfect system of forces. One that influence us whether we are aware of it or not. When we are aware of physics and pay our respects to them, the world reveals itself as an endless playground, gradually explored with our bodies.

The video was taken during a recent Zen Acrobatics workshop in Philadelphia hosted by Alex Brazinski at MMA Northstar Academy.

* If you would like to experience the teaching philosophy of Movement Archery have a look at our upcoming live workshops and our online courses.


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