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"I found Tom in a decade long journey of trying to learn from all the best movement teachers around the world. Most people I met on that journey disappointed me due to unexpected elitism, snobbery, ego, and unfriendliness. The opposite of what they portrayed on social media.
But not Tom- who was an amplified versions of who they seemed to be on social.
He’s an incredible instructor who manages to make the work have zero barrier to entry. He is welcoming, kind, and brilliant at what he does. He can teach the most simple topics with layers of complexity and the most complex topics in their simplest forms.
In true testimonial fashion- I can’t speak highly enough of making an effort to learn from him in person. It is an experience you will never forget and you will absolutely have your movement vocabulary expanded.
That being said- Tom- like myself and other teachers around the world- have had to figure out how to bring our offerings virtual. I have seen so many people struggle with this but once again, as expected, Tom brought the best of the best to his online offering.
His essays of movement and forums is an offering that will stand the test of time and is worth diving into if you cannot get to a workshop in person. True story- it’s worth it even if you can get to a workshop in person, to continue learning from Tom after the fact.
There is a lot of noise in the movement space. More every year. But learning to identify the signals between the noise is a goal for everyone looking out into the vast pool of teachers to pull from.
Tom is a bright signal. And someone I hope to continue calling a friend and colleague for many years to come."

Hunter 'Fitness' Cook; Mobility Specialist, FRC & Kinstretch certified

Yuval Ayalon in a handstand

"It has been fascinating watch and follow Tom Weksler’s work and evolution as a dancer and a movement artist over the past decade.  In addition to the continuous development of his own craft, Tom has been sharing his knowledge through workshops around the world and has created his unique approach towards teaching, making it valuable and accessible to a wide range of audiences, from professionals in the dance world, to the general public with interest in movement.

Tom’s new Online course, 'Essays On Freedom Of Movement' brings his years of experience into a well thought and easy to follow format, that can be integrated to a wide range of practices and disciplines.  If you have taken one on of Tom’s live workshops this is an absolute must!  If you have not yet had the chance to move in person with Tom this course will be a great place to start…"

Yuval Ayalon; A circus performer, Ex- Olympic Gymnast and world renowned handstand artist and teacher.

Marlo Fisken looking in camera

"Tom Weksler masterfully delivers concise movement lessons that simultaneously nurture the beginner and challenge the highly-experienced mover to clarify their intentions—which is what has kept me drawn to his work for years.

Tom’s new (and only online) course, 'Essays On Freedom Of Movement', is rich with technical and creative insights. With each invitation to explore the material, I felt myself open to unfamiliar pathways. If you are interested in moving well and being a lifelong student of possibility- 'Essays On Freedom Of Movement' is undeniably one the best online resources you will find."

Marlo Fisken; A Dancer, Teacher and Pole-Dance Innovator. Founder of 'Flow Movement'

Dave Gardner looking in camera

“Once again, Tom & Roser have delivered something of immense depth and value. Their attention to detail and signature style is so refreshing and encouraging. Somehow they have managed to take complex and intimidating practices and offer a way in that is highly beneficial to any student of meditation and movement.

Study should be full of personal insight, and the learning environment that Tom & Roser provide holds true to the original intention of teaching - that the wisdom one receives is direct and impactful to one’s own life and practice.”

Dave Gardner; Movement practitioner and teacher. Founder of 'Original Condition'

Armin Jazi in a partnering exercise during The Island Intensive 2

"Tom and Roser have undertaken the noble task of finding the fundamental language of movement. Their work shines through its loyalty to a conceptual framework with no compromise.
The series opens a vast landscape of practice with so little vocabulary for practitioners. For teachers, it provides a refreshing and inclusive language of expression.

This multidisciplinary body of knowledge speaks to many practice fields, leaving ample room for exploration. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of movement."

Armin Ghajar Jazi; Movement practitioner, Software Architect

Adva Kaedar moving

"As a Yoga and Dance teacher this essay gave me new tools and perspective of the space around me and the possibility to move with it. Tom has a wonderful talent of taking complicated movements and to explain it in a precise and clear way. The uncompromised study and research of Tom throughout the years helped him to create his unique movement language. This enables him to make any movement practice interesting and creative and as a student of this essay it added a lot of playfulness and fun which also helped me to find my own creativity.
Watching and practicing the content allowed me to develop new ways of seeing extraordinary possibilities in ordinary movement and space. In a way, I felt I was developing awareness of the special experience that is movement itself.
This essay is a must for anyone interested in movement and looking for refining and upgrading their perspective on the body, time and the space."

Adva Kaedar; A Yoga, Meditation and Dance Teacher 

Alex Brazinski looking in camera

"Movers come for the tricks, but stay for the pedagogy.

Like most folks that may read this, I made the decision to partake in a Tom’s in-person workshop after the initial attraction to the wonderous spectacle of his movement. What I left with was a yearning for further insights into the qualitative pedagogy of Movement Archery and Zen Acrobatics. The Movement Archery Fundamental Series is an invitation into that qualitative process.
With this series, Tom & Roser provide an engaging and endearing educational experience that encourages awareness, introspection, empathy, and integration.
With both broad, yet intentional strokes and minute yet, playful details, Tom and Roser have created a project that all-levels of movement experience can engage with and enjoy.
For beginners, this series is quite welcoming through it’s many accessible approaches into an embodiment practice.
For seasoned practitioners, the Warm Up bears a valuable investment in self-care. The Cartwheel is a rewarding participation in the revolution of redefining what it means to 'cartwheel'."

Alex Brazinski; Movement and Mobility Trainer, Acupuncturist

Robbie O'Driscoll relaxing during Bows and Arrows in Italy

I have come to know Tom as the personification of poetry in motion. Witnessing Tom's self-expression through movement and dance captured my imagination at first glance. The technical execution of how Tom moves in space is a showpiece in itself -- but there is more. There is an essence of wonderment and authenticity to Tom's being in movement. It appears that Tom has a unique relationship with gravity and space that is far beyond technicalities.In his 'Essays on Freedom of Movement,' the student is introduced to the perspectives, concepts, and principles that Tom has harnessed through a lifetime of exploring movement. Not only are the classes produced in a pristine fashion, but the delivery of how a student can engage and integrate the content into their life is simply poetic.The student is offered a view of the world, and suggestions of how to interact with it to bring one's own authentic physical expression to the surface. Loaded with pragmatic approaches to developing technical performance this piece of education can complement the seasoned dancer and turn the world into a playground for the general movement enthusiast.I am personally delighted that Tom has created such a practical and wonderful resource that I can integrate into my own practice at any time, anywhere. I am particularly grateful for the profound insights into creating a practice inspired by wonderment. Bravo Mr.Weksler!"

Robbie O'Driscoll; Physical Educator, Bodyworker

Almog Loven during giving a treatment

Tom's rolling appears magical. Though I've seen him rolling for years, often I am compelled to suspect there is a secret ingredient in his technique. But here he deconstructs rolling so thoroughly, that nothing remains hidden nor mystified.


These essays are practical stepping stones. An example of a living practice. They invite you to enter the world of rolling at your own pace and for your own reasons. Doing that through time will present you with Tom's simple secret: Invest in what you love, and gifts will follow."

Almog Loven; A teacher, therapist and dancer based in Israel. Founder of 'Weightlessness'

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