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This intensive marks the fourth opening of our own studio 'THE ISLAND' to those eager to study and practice with us.


'THE ISLAND' is a 180-square-meter haven with a 100-square-meter sprung wooden floor, hidden amidst nature. Located just on the outskirts of Barcelona, near the neighborhood of La Floresta, this space embodies our long-held dream and vision.


Practicing, experiencing, and embodying our movement and art within this space creates a powerful coherence. The first three events were all profound sources of inspiration for all involved, and we are confident that this upcoming edition will delve even deeper and further.

Watch Impressions Video from the First Event

Watch short Impression Video from the Third event

During this intensive, we will explore interconnected concepts that transcend various practices, including Meditation, Improvisation, Dance, Partnering, and Acrobatics. These practices will serve as mediums to share the artistic inquiries we investigate daily:


- What are the underlying connections between solo movement and moving with another person?

- What mindset and perspective foster greater improvisation and the creation of more authentic movement material?

- What are the principles that allow to maintain connection between life and practice?

- How do we sustain and nourish creativity?

- What basics and fundamentals are worth revisiting, even after years of study and practice?


The intention of this intensive is to provide ample time for in-depth learning, intensity, and rich conversation about the content. We will share five intense days in a space dedicated entirely to the art and craft of movement.


In this edition, we are thrilled to host Ohad Nachmani, a renowned Feldenkrais practitioner, as our special guest. Ohad will lead two classes, offering participants the opportunity to explore embodied movement through both external analytical and internal observational perspectives. This will create a dynamic dialogue between the visual and the visceral aspects of any action.


Join us for an enriching and transformative experience, where the art of movement comes alive in a space designed for profound exploration and growth.

30 Sep - 4 Oct, 2024


10 am - 6 pm (with 1.5 hour lunch break)

Full price | €769

10% discount: returning participants of live Movement Archery events | €699*

20% discount: hosts of prior live Movement Archery events | €629*


*please send an email to with your name, the location and date of the event to receive a discount code



The Island

Av. Can Castellví, 2,

08750 Molins de Rei

Barcelona, Spain


Please make sure you read our Refund Policy carefully before booking this event.


Please consider that this intensive will include 7-9 hours of physical activity daily. Therefore it is open only to practitioners with the experience and capacity to engage and enjoy such an event.



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