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Momentum in movement

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Momentum in movement is a curious idea to practice. If you try to understand it or to control it too much you lose it altogether.

Here is a video of a live lesson on the topic given in the last day of a Movement Archery & Zen Acrobatics workshop earlier this month in Paris:

The skill of both generating the right amount of fall and diminishing it before you get stuck or hurt is rare and liberating. Gravity and weight are accessible to everyone but using them without imposing discipline or style is something that can not be mastered. It can only be felt and researched. And that is why to ride the momentum is such a fulfilling goal, because there is no end to it.

There are only glimpses of presence. Moments of full awareness to perception. And yes, these are all just movements with nothing really special about them. All can be deconstructed into disciplines and histories. All can be broken down.

But as a dedicated and non-conformist student of momentum I can testify that the feeling of being inside it is greater than any explanation and theory about it.


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