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From the Mind of an Archer

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

November 2019

Welcome to "From The Mind Of An Archer", the new Movement Archery newsletter.

This is the first edition of the newsletter and I already realize that my intentions towards this form are too wide for this edition.

How come?

Movement Archery has been for me an amazing ground for creative ideas and fruitful interactions for the past few years. This metaphorical ground has been so fertile thanks to my constant nourishing of it and also thanks to the many great people who visited and contributed to this amazing journey. So picking up a clear point to begin this story is quite an impossible task for me. I mean I don't even know for sure what is the exact moment of beginning.

But I also realize that actually, I prefer not to know where it exactly started. Because this type of not knowing allows me to keep on experiencing new beginnings, it allows me to keep an open mind despite the rigorous and significant path that has already been walked. The same path many beginnings.

So let's begin with an inspiration: Abstraction and Play.

Movement Archery represents creativity through the synergy of different elements. In the same way, I imagine a skilful archer which respects and loves both the separation, and possible cohesion of a bow, arrow, target and him/herself. Their synchronicity connects them in one perfect moment. Synergy can make perfect moments.

I also believe the collaboration between people can gain something from this metaphor, and so does the collaboration between ideas.

So to start with, I chose to make a short video which might give you a glimpse of how specific forms can turn into something a bit more abstract. Of course, I chose simple ideas which are relevant to almost any movement practice which I can think of, but the lesson here can be applied to many others as well.

Our second part of the synergy is PLAY and I would like to refer you to an article written by Roser Tutusaus. This article is based on an interview Roser conducted one year ago with Alex Herrera and myself in Nosara, Costa Rica.

The article revolves around the idea of 'Play', its physical applications and its philosophical orientations. Play is one of the fundamental aspects of my relationship with my practice. The article manages to look into this fundamental topic and articulate aspects of it which are very difficult to put into words:

"One of the clear sets-backs of any process is how attached one is to the result. Focusing too much on losing or winning for example, trying to improve by getting better or even trying to feel better. All of those can cause the risk of being too much ahead, overlooking the present and losing attention."

If you consider this together with the idea that the curiosity to experience is larger than the curiosity to know, you can sense a proactive playful approach. Which can be applied to almost anything in my opinion. And also, it is somewhat of an alternative to the material and external ambition which is so present in our modern life.

It also a nice timing because both Roser and I will be back in Costa Rica for a Movement Archery Immersion in the Jungle soon.

To read the full article click here.


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