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Movement Archery Workshop in Cape - Tom Weksler integration - Photo by Nick Aldridge



What does it mean to find a new way to move?

Almost anyone can relate to the inspiring wonder of how it could feel to move in a different way.

This is the reason people endure years of physical labor learning how to fight, to dance or to flip in the air.

And we can think even more basic, babies imagine themselves locomoting freely in the world before starting the study of rolling, crawling and walking. 

But usually something is lost. We get older, we normalize our abilities, we become content with what our movement is and stop asking 'WHAT CAN MOVEMENT BECOME?'.

'Essays On Freedom Of Movement' started from realizing how much energy, confidence and passion this question gives to my life. I started summarizing my intuitive strategies to keep this question alive and actual. I have gradually written, summarized and turned those strategies into something shareable. My freedom of movement is not a freedom to do the hardest acrobatic tricks, not to dance in the most spectacular way or to be a master of any art or fight. My freedom is the freedom to passionately and patiently create and study movement. The freedom to keep re-discovering its potential for progress and transformation.

* We now offer new and accessible online courses through The Fundamentals Series. If you like to experience Movement Archery's content through a live workshop, have a look at our Upcoming Events.

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