The Zen Acrobatics approach has developed from the urge to look for freedom in movement.

The main goal is to find a movement quality that supports simple actions like walking and running, as well as acrobatic feats without a difference in effort or muscular usage.

In order to do this, the search in this workshop is for high levels of awareness and precision, to allow the body to react quickly and intuitively to changes in skeletal stress, and to maintain flow without unnecessary tension.

In classical acrobatic disciplines – preparation, climax and landing are being treated as completely different aspects while usually one is more important than the other.

In Zen Acrobatics the practitioner aspires to transform all 3 stages into one motion that can ultimately connect to any other type of movement. Sounds of take-offs and landings, placement of eye-focus and optimal breath for each element are all being covered aside from the anatomical Instructions, "safe" broken down patterns of risky moves and basic conditioning.

The acrobatic training allows the mover to tune into a 'mind-quality' which is usually present only in extreme sports or Full – Contact sports. The mover becomes animalistic and functional, and while attempting complicated feats he turns on 'survival instincts' which allows him to reflect on his movement from an entirely different point of view.

This workshops require Mats or Gymnastics sprung floor.