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The Art Of Practice Verfeil August 2021 workshop flyer


A movement intensive for an intimate group in the south of France


This unique event will accommodate an intensive practice space for a small group of 10-12 participants for 5 full days. 

It will include 3 daily classes with a possible jam (or other evening activity). All of this, will take place in a beautiful ancient house in the pastoral village of Verfeil, 20 minutes from the city of Toulouse.


Our days will focus on 3 main themes:

- The practice of warm up and priming,

- The practice of momentum and interplay with gravity.

- The practice of creative physical communication.

The intention behind this event is to create an intensive experience that focuses on the essence of a creative movement practice. The focus will dynamically shift from solo to duo to group.

For more inspiration and reference on the type of experience we attach this quote:

"For the artist this is one of the most delicate balancing acts - on the one hand, it is very dangerous to separate practice from the "real thing"; on the other hand, if we start judging what we do we will not have a safe space for in which to experiment. Our practice resonates between both poles. 

We are 'just playing', so as to be free to experiment and explore without the fear of premature judgement. At the same time we play with total commitment." - Stephan Nachmanovitch


For application and registration please send one paragraph describing your background in movement and/or art as well as one paragraph on why you are interested in participating in this event. Please mention your full name, address and if you've studied with us in the past (online or in person) 


This event doesn’t include food or accommodation. There are options for hostel, hotel and Airbnb in the village we are happy to recommend.

The event will include fruits, tea and coffee.

24-28 August, 2021

3 daily classes + evening activity



Verfeil 31950, France

Info & Registration
Email Brechtje:

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