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Roser & Tom's Movement Class

These classes will be guided by Roser and Tom and focus on the intersection between relationships that arise while moving with another person.

Dancing alone is a relationship with imagination and dancing with a partner is a relationship with reality. These two perspectives are fundamental and supportive of each other. If we practice one without searching for creative connections with the other, we miss out the growth and novelty that is at the core of a movement practice.
Dancing with another person is constant acknowledgment of the unknown. It demands listening, adapting and reevaluating. In that sense, it is a perfect practice for learning to let go of the strict definition of the self and moving into unexplored creative landscapes.


The class is open to all levels, we will accept both beginners and advanced practitioners with kindness and challenge.

​It is necessary to register before showing up to class.

Dates & Times

Fri 11 Feb | 18:30 – 20:30
Mon 14 Feb | 18:00 – 20:00
Fri 18 Feb | 18:30 – 20:30
Mon 21 Feb | 18:00 – 20:00
Fri 25 Feb | 18:30 – 20:30
Mon 28 Feb | 18:00 – 20:00



1 class | €20

3 classes | €50

6 classes | €100
Pay with cash only


La Visiva

Sepúlveda 85 (baixos)

08015, Barcelona

Info & Registration
Email Brechtje


About Roser and Tom
Tom Weksler has been practicing Martial Arts and different forms of acrobatic disciplines from a young age. Tom graduated in 2009 from “The Workshop For Dancers and Choreographers in Haifa”. Since 2010, Tom has been dancing with “Inbal Pinto and Avshallom Pollak Dance Company” and performed with the comapny’s productions in many theatres and festivals around the world. Tom is currently performing around the world the performance “Collective Loss Of Memory” - choreographed by “Rootlessroot” (Jozef Fruček and Lind Kapetanea) and produced by “Dot504”. Since 2017 Tom has been dancing with Guy Nader and Maria Campose Dance Company.
In 2012 tom has created 'LOBOS' in collaboration with Yogi Dekel and Breno Caetano. In 2014 Tom Created the Duets "SARU' and "Heder" in collaboration with Tokyo Based Dancer and Choreographer Mayumu Minakawa. Both Duets has performed internationally in various theaters and festivals. In 2017 Tom has premiered the Duet "Pilim" in Collaboration with Circus Artist Yogi Dekel. Since 2017 tom has also established an artistic collaboration with Catalonian Dancer and Choreographer Roser Tutusaus. The collaboration is currently in process of completing the theatre piece 'After The Rain' (premiered in Bari, Puglia in 2018) and the street piece "RISE".

Roser Tutusaus has graduated in B.A of dance from Artez Dansacademie, Arnhem (Holland) as well as journalism from, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. since then, Roser worked for different choreographers in Holland like Anouk Van Dijk, Giulio D’anna, Anouke De Groot and Erik Kaiel. She has also collaborated with several companies in Spain such as 'Transit Dansa', 'Enclave Arts Del Moviment' (by Roberto Oliván), 'Ana Eulate', 'Lamajara Collective' and 'Pere Faura' in the trilogy “Sweet Suite”. Currently she is working and performing internationally with the Company "Guy Nader and Maria Campos" in the piece “Time Takes The Time Time Takes” co-produced by Mercat De Les Flors in Barcelona as well as “Set Of Sets” to be premiered in Mercat De Las Flors in April 2018. Roser also created “Menar” a street duet with Joan Aatalà premiered in Fira Tàrrega 2016 and on tour for the summer of 2017. in parallel, and out of curiosity, Roser is also developing her own artistic work with two solos “Simun” and “Tecnologias Del Yo”. Which performed in various festivals and venues across Europe. Roser has been in dialogue with Tom since 2017, both on the creation of the Duet 'After The Rain' and development of a mutual dance practice.

Tom and Roser have established Wonderground Company in 2019, focusing on creations which are departing from the collaboration between dance, movement and other art forms.

Movement Archery workshops have taken place in Dance Schools, Circus Schools, Dojos and Professional Companies in: Israel, Italy, France, Belgium, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Greece, U.K., Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong and South Africa.

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