Tom has been practicing Martial Arts and different forms of acrobatic disciplines from a young age.
Between ages 7-18 Tom has been studying in "HACASA", Ido Portal's Capoeira and Movement school in Haifa, Israel. 

Tom graduated in 2009 from “The Workshop For Dancers and Choreographers in Haifa”.

2010 - 2014, Tom has been dancing with “Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak Dance Company” and performed with the company’s productions in many theaters and festivals around the world.

In 2015 Tom has joined “Rootlessroot” (Jozef Fruček and Linda Kapetanea) for a creation process in collaboration with the Czech company DOT504. The performance which was created is "Collective Loss Of Memory" which was chosen as the best dance piece in Czech Republic for 2016 and is still touring internationally. 

Since 2017, Tom has been dancing with Guy Nader and Maria Campos Dance Company. Tom has been part of the creation process of 'Set of Sets' which premiered in Mercat De Las Flors in May 2018 as well as becoming an integral part of the international touring of "Time Takes The Time Time Takes". 


As a creator Tom has been active since 2012 and he is mainly interested in artistic collaborations and a variety of multidisciplinary expressions.

In 2012, Tom has created "LOBOS" in collaboration with Circus Artists Yogi Dekel, Yuval Oz and Breno Caetano.   

In 2014, Tom created the duets "SARU" and "Heder" in collaboration with Tokyo based dancer and choreographer Mayumu Minakawa. Both duets has performed internationally in various theaters and festivals. Aside from the duets, Tom and Mayumu have also collaborated on the making of the dance film Shinrin-yoku (森林浴) together with the photographers Kenneth Kao and Levi Gershkowitz. The dance film has been shown in various films festivals around the world. 

In 2017, Tom has premiered the Duet "Pilim" in Collaboration with Circus Artist Yogi Dekel in Bat Yam Festival for Street Art and in co-production with ON (Orit Nevo Center for Circus and Performance Arts)..

Since 2017, Tom has also established an artistic collaboration with Catalan dancer and choreographer Roser Tutusaus. The collaboration is currently in process of completing the theater piece "After The Rain" (premiered in Bari, Puglia in 2018) and the street piece "RISE".


Tom's movement workshops have taken place in dance schools, circus schools, dojos and professional companies all over the world. Expressing a genuine interest in practicing art and movement on a level which is personal, constantly changing and not depending on established and preconceived concepts.