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Tom weksler sitting against wall

Ever since I was a child, I've felt more attracted to experience the world rather than knowing the world. 
This led me to follow the unmarked path of art and movement.
Professionally, I am managing many of my projects in the realm of performance and dance.

Yet, my curiosity is pulling me to the endless space of physical expression.

My embodied philosophy is guided by Zen Buddhism and relates to acting from playfulness and meditation. 
Martial arts and acrobatics have been my hobbies since childhood. I am constantly inspired by literature, philosophy, animation, architecture music and cinema.
I try to meet my hobbies and my inspirations as often as possible, meeting them over and over with a beginner's mind. 
I believe contemporary dance is the art of reinventing the forms every time I dance, and the practice of synergy between dance and other art forms. I am also very interested in dance outside of the conventions of theater and in bringing dance to more layers of society, nature and the streets.

I have been teaching since I was 16 years old. Teaching is a very gentle work and therefore, I refine and improve my teaching abilities constantly. The center of this refinement is dialogue and deep listening. I find the pedagogical space a fascinating meeting point between scientific observation and intuitive expression. I like to divide my philosophy of teaching to ART and CRAFT. Craft relates to the study of embodying and actualizing the deep human interest in the world. Art relates to the ability to create the space for expression in an ever-changing reality.

Lastly, at the end of each day, I like to remind myself that what I don't know is much greater than what I do know.

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