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Nature Of Partnering Text
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If dancing alone is a relationship with imagination, dancing with a partner is a relationship with reality.

We believe that these two skills are fundamental and relevant for each other but if we practice one without consciously looking for the creative connections with the other, it is hard to sense and experience the actual benefit.

In that sense, virtuosity and skill will appear when the line between imagination and reality slightly fades away. And then, solo dance and partner dance becomes inseparable.

It will lead to questioning the communication and the dialogue, which has endless developments and a very large potential.


Another topic would be how we read the space, the other body, and the space of the other body. This does not necessarily mean changing the shapes or forms which we create with our own bodies.

Dancing with another person is constant acknowledgment of the unknown. This is actually not an abstract or spiritual concept but it's rather a technical and concrete understanding of the reality of partnering and collaboration through movement.


Since Contemporary Dance and Contact Improvisation are based on the idea that the dance will be reinvented while dancing and repeated (which actually also defines the difference between folk art to contemporary art) any unnecessary speculations about my partner will lead to rough technical choices and limitations in the flow of the actions.

Understanding that no matter how good my technique is, I still need to make a space to re-evaluate the situation and listen to the ambitions and the needs of the other moving body. 

We believe that practicing this will allow space for applying appropriate techniques and hopefully propose new ideas which haven't been tried before.


Also, we like to dance together very much.

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