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"I feel that good ideas come in the shape of waves.

They can not be entirely separated from the whole (whatever it may be) but they have their own significance; texture, color and shape.

And naturally, they come in all sizes; some smaller and some bigger."

LittleBig Waves - Introduction

I find myself constantly asking what makes the waves similar and how to differentiate them from one another.

I also try to observe if there is a connection between them, these connections sometimes lead to more intention, sometimes to improvement of my technique and sometimes even to the development of new ideas... new waves!

What's also nice is that I know that the waves are very consistent, much more than myself, I know that they will always keep on coming this way or another, so all I have to do is just to keep being committed and ask the right questions about them.

For me, asking questions are a fundamental driving force of development and craftsmanship, No questions would mean no progress and no movement.

LittleBig Waves - Macaco

When I considered using Macaco techniques in this video I faced a small problem. I have been practicing Macaco on and off for probably about 20 years, so the amount of variations and ideas I can articulate is changing everyday and almost always comes in the moment of doing the move and not when I sit down with a pencil and paper. So I decided to choose 3 basic principles which are both fun to play with and also open up a lot of options for advanced variations. I hope you enjoy this and if so please share it forward to those who might find it relevant.


LittleBig Waves - Rolls and meditations on Momentum

This Chapter of LittleBig Waves is following the process of integrating Rolls into my daily movement. Aside from a simple practice session on the topic, I present several insights on rolls; Physical, Mechanical and Philosophical.

The works of Masa Suzuki and Amos Rendao is being referenced inside the video. Their approach and research on the topic has been inspiring and influential on the depth I have found in the practice of Rolls and I am thankful to them sharing their research with me.

LittleBig Waves is inspired by my interest in Non-Linear Pedagogy and learning process. It is a progressing through the constant dialogue with my collaborator Roser Tutusaus and her ideas are also integrated withing this video.

LittleBig Waves - Hips switches, part 1

My focus in this dance is on the changes in the position of the hips in relation to the space around me. I use pivots of my contact points with the floor in order to send the center of my body towards different directions.

Important to note that I used one inhalation and one exhalation to perform a standing pivot, and the same exact breath should be used to perform also the next moves. In my reality no move should weigh more than a single breath, otherwise it will become too serious.

My goal is still the sensation of continuity and its aesthetics in the space and not the moves themselves...

Music: Emancipator - Vallhala (Feverkin Remix)

Four Tet - She Just Likes To Fight (Crystalised Remix)

The Beatles - All Together Now (Ryohei Kanayama Guitar Cover)

Camera: Lily Kind

Music: Thomash & Projeto Mujique - Cosmosamba

Déjala venir - Nicola C and Diego Jiménez

Music: Iron and Wine - Wings (Jarutani remix)

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