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Inspired by meditation, dance, acrobatics and martial arts, it highlights a process of rediscovering oneself and one's interaction with the world.

Movement Archery Artwork: Archer

Founded by Tom Weksler in collaboration with Roser Tutusaus, it bridges the gap between philosophy and art through embodiment, creativity and skill development. 

Movement Archery is a movement practice with the goal of improving well-being, creativity and physicality. It is a multidisciplinary practice that combines meditation, dance, improvisation, acrobatics and martial arts.

Inspired by Zen, it highlights the value of practice itself. Not for the sake of the goal, but for the sake of improving the presence within one’s own body. The intention is to use the practice as a way to interact with the world and to shed away modern interruptions and obstacles. Turning discipline into a creative tool and the body into a canvas for personal expression.

Our live workshops run all around the world in dance schools, martial arts gyms, circus school, fitness facilities, retreats and more. And we offer online courses that are intended to be studied and worked out from the comfort of your own home and practice space.

Our mission is to spread both the art and the craft of movement to any age, background, race, gender and body type.

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