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Skeleton leaning against wall

Dancers, Martial Artists. Circus Artists and Acrobats

sometimes refer to technique as something rigid,

shiny and external.

This leads to the idea that Technique and

Expression, are two completely different things

which can be connected only through effort

It is almost like Expression is the self and

Technique is the gold which decorates it.

I realized that thinking in this way leads to

strong duality which doesn't work for me.

Bruce lee was a big pioneer on making the practice personal and he said that style is crystallization and the best style is 'no style' or 'formless form'. His argument was that fixed forms differentiate people and becomes laws and doctrines which separates people. His argument was that this separation conflicts his strategy of learning from whatever is useful for him, it cuts his continuous growth.

I learned that even though I aspire for continues growth, by taking the technique for granted I actually do something counter-productive.


So I asked myself, what if technique can be approached differently?

My idea is that technique can be a result of confronting personal goals and creating solutions.

The creation usually involves connecting different fields of information and using different skill sets. It will also involve specific focus and letting go of patterns which are not relevant for the chosen problem. Since the goals are always personal, and that the choice of fields is based on each one's life experience, the technique is also a form of expression.

So techniques are not tools for the art, they are art by themselves!

Technique emerges - like a small wave which gradually grows and then disappears again, not anymore separated from the ocean.

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