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Zen Acrobatics - Open Workshop


This approach to acrobatics has developed from the urge to look for freedom in movement. It led me to the wonderful paradox between meditation and acrobatics, the attempt to find tranquillity in the chaos, to understand whether it is possible to create a practice that is inspired by the eye of the storm.

The main goal is to find a movement quality that supports simple actions like walking and running, as well as acrobatic feats without a difference in effort, mental fatigue or structural tension. To do this, we will search for high levels of awareness and precision so the body can react quickly to the changes in skeletal stress, and to maintain flow without unnecessary distractions.

In classical acrobatic disciplines, preparation, climax and landing are being treated as completely different aspects while usually one is more important than the other. In Zen Acrobatics, the practitioner aspires to transform all 3 states into one motion that can ultimately connect to any other type of movement. Personally, this type of practice over the year has given me confidence, joy and a more calm and serene mind. It allows me to tap into somewhat of a child-like state, which supports me both in my artistic career and in my personal life.

The prerequisite for the workshop is familiarity with the work of Movement Archery but any acrobatic level will be welcome.

16 - 18 September 2022

Fri 16 |
18 - 21
Sat 17 | 10 - 13 Lunch 14 - 16:30 Afternoon break 18:30 - 20:30
Sun 18 | 10 - 13 Lunch break 14:00 - 18:00


Full price  | €330


Location for Friday

Yizong Bagua

Heliosstrasse 6a

50825 Köln


Location for Saturday and Sunday

Aikido Schule Köln

Neusser Straße 26

50670 Köln

Payment & Registration

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