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Essays - Volume 1: Rolls


This essay is divided into 7 classes and is covering over 10 years of research into the freedom of movement that can be acquired through ROLLS. Rolls are the most primal form of complete locomotion. They are also fundamental to skillfully taking physical risks and therefore are practiced in all acrobatics disciplines and most of the martial arts. The content that I present in this essay can change the way you think about the space and about human movement in the space. It can teach you to see creative possibilities regardless of the context of your practice and to enjoy more the sensation of moving freely. The practice that I propose is not focused on specific moves but on the skill of multidirectional freedom. It offers you a flexible and refined systematic approach that includes improvisation, study, drills and techniques. More than anything, it presents a new and inspiring perspective, that is accessible to all but can also be effectively challenging to all. For more info and free introduction lesson:


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